MovieBird ST30' TechnoCrane

moviebird st30 Technical

The MovieBird Crane still retains the principles of a telescopic crane system. It is designed and built to offer limitless creative possibilities, to reach the most inaccessible places, to manoeuvre in the tightest of corners, telescoping in and out silently for that shot at a moments notice.

High-end digital electronics enable the operator to program the actual range of movement. Nine digitally controlled speed settings with additional smooth logarithmic movement fades.
Leveling system controlled by digital laser encoders ensures that remote is at the true
horizontal position regardless of the speed or complexity of the movement.

The Moviebird is compatible with all Heads supporting Mitchel Plate Mount

MovieBird is fully compatible with all models of Remote Heads and all camera types
from MiniDV to IMAX. For special effects you can even mount moving light sources on it.

MovieBird is completely modular. In the unlikely event of a problem, whatever
and whenever, down-time is kept to an absolute minimum.

ArmST 30Unit
Maximum Height10Meters
Maximum Reach9.14Meters
Minimum Reach2.10Meters
Minimum Total Arm Length4.50Meters
Minimum Height Dolly + Arm2Meters
Maximum Speed (Telescopic Movement)1.80M/s
Weight of Arm200Kg
Total Counterweight400Kg
DollyST 30Unit
Minimum Height (Dolly + Column)2Meters
Maximum Height (Dolly + Column)2.50Meters
Weight of Doly200Kg
Additional Details
Max Load 75kg/165lbs (head and camera)
Max "All Up" weight: 1497kg/ 3300lbs
Power Consumption: 13 Amps Max
Power Supply: 110V – 230V AC